Voted Best Children's Party Entertainer, Los Angeles

Winner Nickelodeon Parent Picks Awards

Madame Chocolat WinsWow! I was voted the Los Angeles Winner of the Best Birthday Party Entertainer 2009 in this nationwide competition. I was so honored to receive the title of this fabulous and very prestigious award! According to Nickelodeon, and a vast number of fans who so kindly and enthusiastically voted for me, I am the icing on the cake!...and speaking of cake, I was also nominated for the Best Birthday Cake in Los Angeles Award too. Thank you everybody!Madame Chocolat smiles
I really love what I do ~ entertaining children at their parties and seeing their happy, smiling faces is my idea of fun! (more)

DramaBee Acting Workshops for Kids...

DramaBee Acting Workshops for Kidsprovides an exciting introduction to the world of acting and theatre to children- through play! It's what they love to do and its what they do best, so by making both the workshops and performances a series of games we get to see these young actors performing with a vitality and spontaneity that is riveting to watch! During these workshops a creative process is established in which the children are given the opportunity to exress themselves through storytelling, improvisation and creative movement. Catherine encourages the children to be bold, spontaneous, trust their instincts and take risks in a no-fail environment!
10 week sessions begin week of April 12th 2010 at The Electric Lodge
• 4 to 6 years Mondays 3:30 to 4:15pm. Cost $180
• 7 to 10 years Tuesdays 3:30 to 4:30pm. Cost $200

Madame Chocolat Tells A Story!

Story Teller Do you wish you could create a simple warm, cozy environment filled with the sounds of laughter? Madame Chocolat is here! She will come to your party and use her use her charm to captivate young audiences in an animated way as she tells stories to fit any occasion, from her own library or yours!
Catherine has a way of drawing children in and engaging them as she takes them on imaginative journeys through storytelling. This makes for perfect entertainment at their party, or yours..a quiet activity to occupy the children while you socialize with other guests. (more)

Nickelodeon Parents Connect Award Winner
Chocolate CakeNickelodeon Parents Connect Award Winner!
Inviting Madame Chocolat to your childs birthday party means inviting a joyful, uplifting and totally unique celebratory experience! In her hilarious show, professional clown, Madame Chocolat, who trained in Paris along with the best clowns of the Cirque du Soleil, captivates her young audience with cheeky pranks, pantomime and slapstick comedy. She engages the children in making a truly delicious homemade chocolate cake (or any flavor of your choice) and interacts with them along the way giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the process, whether it be adding an ingredient to the mixture or stirring the mixture and making a wish! Once the batter is complete, it is placed inside the magic oven, the magic phrase Chocolalala! is chanted by the crowd and the cake is left for a few minutes to bake..(parents may contact Madame Chocolat to reveal the secret behind this trick (wink icon)). While the cake is in the oven the children watch Madame Chocolat as she performs her plate spinning act to the tune of cafe style French music.- the birthday child is given the opportunity to join in this act too! The grand finale occurs when, to the amazement of the children, the delicious birthday cake is removed from the magic oven and we all gather around the birthday child to sing Happy Birthday. Extra special attention is given to the birthday girl or boy all the way through the party and any theme or interest of theirs is easily incorporated into the show by Madame Chocolat with her superb improvisational abilities. This whole wonderful ,memorable event lasts about an hour and does NOT require an oven or other cooking facilities. There is very little mess (sometimes none at all!) and it can take place inside or out, at your home or even at a park... (more)

From the moment Catherine arrived at my 4 year olds party, my wife and I realized what a wonderful party my son was going to have. She is funny, original, and the kids loved her! Totally entertaining!

NEW! Cooking Parties

Nickelodeon Parents Connect Award WinnerMadame Chocolat has added Pizza Making and Cupcake decorating to her repertoire! Now Available for children of all ages these fun activities and tasty treats can be added to your birthday party package. Madame Chocolat will assist the children as they get creative with decorating their pizzas or cupcakes this is an ideal opportunity to include your favorite party theme!

Nickelodeon Parents Connect Award WinnerChocolate Cake

Call today to plan an extraordinary, fun-filled party that your child will never forget!
Contact Madame Chocolat to discuss your party or festival details! 310.428.7308.

Madame ChocolateMadame Chocolat is a fabulous performer and kids' entertainer. I have seen her at numerous birthday parties and every time, she has everyone laughing, adults and children alike. Her show is incredibly creative and interactive. Not only do the children help her bake a cake, but they participate in the show in a playful way, that even the shyest of children can enjoy. She can vary her show with themes depending on what you have in mind, and comes up with ideas that make the party even more special. I applaud Madame Chocolat and would recommend her not only for parties, but also for festivals and other kid events...(more)
Natasha - 08/06/09

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About Madame Chocolat

Madame ChocolateSince coming to America in 1999, apart from her busy family life, Catherine has created the clown/chef character 'Madame Chocolat' designed initially to entertain children at their birthday parties - now also a popular stage act. She founded and performs in the outlandish, harmonic Christmas caroling group 'The Off their Jingle Bell Rockers' She fully believes that necessity is the mother of invention - without the time constraints that motherhood brings she would be less likely to have created such interesting and diverse occupations!

Catherine Allison began her theatre training in England while she was still at school and then went on to Dartington College of Arts to study dance and drama in their BA Theatre studies degree program. Wanting to specialize further she moved to Paris, France to take physical theatre classes with Jacques LeCoq; clown, mask and melodrama with Philippe Gaulier and Feldenkrais/acting with Monika Pagneux. Her extensive acting background, includes major roles in touring shows such as The Lord of the Flies and A Christmas Carol performed at major theaters all over Europe.

Madame Chocolat is a comic genius who skillfully combines the finest traditions of the circus and the commedia dell'arte in a show for children.